New Contact Number

We are changing our current telephone number to a new number that will ring several of us at one time to better serve our customers.

Our new phone number is:

(478) 23 - 83 - SCP

aka (478) 238-3SCP or 238-3727

Please make a note of it

Release 11.3.15 Rolling Out

Release 11.3.15 is being rolled out to all customers. If your site has not been updated, look for it to happen in the next few weeks. Read about the new features.

Read what other principals are saying about their experience

Kelly, Principal
"I have my hallways back at the end of the day"
Kaye, Principal
"School Carpool has been a wonderful asset to our afternoon dismissal procedures! Utilizing this system has made dismissal time so much smoother as well as much safer. The teachers love knowing exactly which children have rides waiting for them in the carpool lane.
Vicki, Principal
"We didn't expect this, but the children started telling their parents that they wanted to see their name on the computer screen. Now our parents come earlier than before and our dismissal is even quicker."
Laura, Principal
"We started using it on the first day of the school year and we had all of the chaos that goes with the first day of school.
I thought my teachers were going to kill me for putting in this new system, but they said that it was the best first day of the year dismissal that they had ever had."
Amy, Principal
"We expected problems with a new system start up, but our first day using the system was the best dismissal we've ever had."
Amy, Principal, 3 years later...
"Some days I'll be in my office in a meeting and I'll come out to find that dismissal has already finished and I didn't even know it had started, it's that organized now."

No More Intercoms or Bullhorns Needed!

Make good dismisal plans great with School Carpool's "Silent Dismissal" web based announcements and dissmissals.

Best "Underwhelming" Experience

School Carpool provides schools with a software solution tht allows the dismissal of students efficiently and orderly. Some principals are callling it the "silent" dismissal. The change you will see in just the first few days is amazing.

The tranquility of the dismissal process may lead you to believe that dismissal hasn't occurred.


Latest News is the News! See the video page

Student Remediation

New features allows schools to add student intervention tutoring aftershool without affecting school day or dismissal


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Primary School

Updated!Multiple 2nd grade and under primary schools now using

Classroom Notes

New feature allows teachers to enter special student notes to appear whereever a student is located during dismissal

Flexible End of Day

Beta testing complete. This feature included in version 11.3.15.